Impact Stories

“Can I do this again?”

– Signature Program Graduate, Class of 2014

The benefits of participating in the Leadership Prince William Signature Program are many and varied. For some, connections and new realizations end up benefiting their company’s bottom line. For others, eye-opening experiences lead to new passions and challenges on a personal level. And then there are the benefits to our community.

A Transformative Experience

“My experience with Leadership Prince William was truly transformative.

From our very first session, I was inspired by my peers, by the alumni and by Andrea Money, Our Executive Director and her staff. 

What’s more, each monthly session that followed only got progressively better. My understanding of our county grew exponentially in 11 short months together. This experience is one of the most meaningful in my professional life. All of it, however, required a substantive invest of time and resources. Our fledging faith-based non-profit saw the value of this investment. A generous scholarship, however, made all the difference for us to make this a reality. We are profoundly grateful for those sponsors who provided this much-needed support.  I have shared extensively about LPW all over the country and around the world over the past two years. I believe in community leadership programs like LPW. They make such a profoundly positive impact on local communities. The barriers to entry are often just awareness, advocacy and a few hundred dollars to bridge the gap for small to medium-sized organizations like ours.

I am proud to be an LPW Alumnus and I am deeply grateful for the generous scholarship that afforded me this honor. I strongly encourage other community leaders to join our ranks and community-oriented donors to help us raise up the next generation of transformational leaders in Prince William County.”

Will Archer, Pastor, Potomac Valley Church

Signature Program Graduate ‘19

More Valuable Than Anticipated

“I honestly never anticipated how much LPW would impact us here but I was definitely in the right class at the right time.  One of my classmates works for Prince William County and another for Washington Gas. Because I had go-to people in each of those two places, we saved ourselves time, money and a lot of stress during our hotel’s renovations.

Then when I wanted to organize a Human Trafficking Prevention class for others in the hospitality industry, two more of my classmates were instrumental.  One of them, a Prince William County Police Officer just spoke at an Active Shooter presentation I hosted for my staff.  Another of my classmates just emailed me last month asking for a block of guestrooms. 

Recently I also reached out to the LPW staff for an introduction to some alumni at the Prince William County Service Authority; seeking help navigating an issue we were having. I have a natural connection to anyone who has been through the Signature Program and that, so far, has led to great things for our business.

My experience has been amazing and the hotel owners, who paid for it, think it was a great investment.  We are even considering putting one of our Assistant General Managers through the program in the near future.”

Jennifer Decker, General Manager, Hampton Inn-Manassas

Signature Program Graduate ‘18

A Veteran’s Perspective

“My Leadership Prince William experience surprised me because, after 20 years in the Army, my community was introduced to me and I didn’t have to figure out how to introduce myself to my community.”

Mark Shaaber, CEO, Phase II Staffing & Consulting

Signature Program Graduate ‘12

Finding Success in Being Who You Are

When I was initially looking in to Leadership Prince William, I did my research. It seemed like a great way to get a holistic view of my community and meet the people behind the scenes. The cost was initially a barrier. I was in my 20’s with a mortgage and a commission-only job. I applied for and received the Young Professionals scholarship. I figured out how to cover the remaining amount and am sure glad I did. I still have great memories and connections from my class.

After going through the program I understood my own method of thinking a little more and learned to embrace it. Since graduating, I have set up Peace Home Lending, my own mortgage brokerage firm.

Now I’m contributing towards two YP scholarships so that I can pay it forward; giving someone else a chance to understand it is ok not to be like everyone else. Grasp your inner ‘UMPH’ and grab life by the horns!”

Jeremy Harridath, Founder & CEO, Peace Home Lending

Signature Program Graduate ‘15

“No matter your background, if you are interested in your community and making it better while making yourself and your business more successful, then take the time to participate in Leadership Prince William. It will make a difference. You will make a difference.”

– Signature Program Graduate ‘11

“I can’t imagine any leadership program having more of an impact on my life, both personally and professionally, than Leadership Prince William.“

– Signature Program Graduate ‘14

“You’ll forge long-lasting friendships with your classmates and alumni – and you’ll learn about yourself along the way. You’ll be provided the opportunity to look critically at how you think and behave – and develop strategies that focus on your strengths to create stronger teams and to become a more effective, compassionate leader.”

– Signature Program Graduate ‘13

“The program allows greater appreciation and understanding of all facets of the community. The program demonstrates how to lead change one person at a time, one group at a time, one community at a time.”

– Signature Program Graduate ‘13

“I believe that Leadership Prince William has provided valuable information about the many different aspects of our entire community as well the opportunity to participate in discussions in which leaders share differing perspectives and proposed solutions to our challenges.”

– Signature Program Graduate ‘08