Emergenetics tools and solutions transform the ways employees, teams and organizations work. Emergenetics International helps organizations, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, achieve desired results including increased efficiency and improved communication through solutions centered on the Emergenetics Profile and tools.

That is why, since 2008, Leadership Prince William has used the Emergenetics profile as a cornerstone of our program.

Prior to the start of each class year, we have each of our participants fill out the profile questionnaire online. Results are delivered during the Opening Retreat. Having equipped each person with a basic understanding of the Emergenetics tools, we are able to then refer back to them throughout the program year. The behaviors and thinking preferences (and their corresponding “colors”) have become a common language spoken by all graduates of our program.



Additionally, our Executive Director, Charles Gilliam, is a certified Emergenetics Associate. For a fee, we offer group and individual assessments along with workshops to help your work teams incorporate this valuable tool to meet all kinds of challenges at work.  Full and half-day workshops are available.

Call 571-765-7568 for details, or email charles@leadershipprincewilliam.org

Individual Profile & Debrief

Gain greater self-awareness and value your strengths when you take your personalized Emergenetics® profile assessment. You will receive a hard-copy profile and narrative report on your thinking and behavioral preferences. Following receipt of your profile, our certified Emergenetics® Associate will debrief you on the Emergenetics® model, your profile and how to utilize it in your daily life. (90 mins.)


Call 571-765-7568 for details, or email charles@leadershipprincewilliam.org

Team Dynamics For Small Groups (3-9 People)

When individuals understand their innate strengths and those of their colleagues, they can unlock strategies to strengthen communication, teamwork, productivity and engagement. The Team Dynamics for Small Groups program empowers attendees to discover their individual and collective preferences and utilize the Emergenetics® Attributes to achieve greater performance and results.

This digital program is designed for departments, project teams or groups of 3-9 who want to apply Emergenetics® to improve their interactions; especially beneficial to engage remote teams, support groups seeking practical ways to work together more effectively or provide a foundational understanding of Emergenetics® for those who cannot attend our signature in-person programs. (90 mins.-2 hours depending on size of your group, can be delivered in-person or virtually). No profiles are included in this price.


Call 571-765-7568 for details, or email charles@leadershipprincewilliam.org

Meeting Of The Minds

The Meeting of the Minds is a full or half-day program that uses the Emergenetics® profile to understand how each person impacts the workplace. This in-person program encourages team members to discover their unique strengths and the talents of others while supporting team learning to improve collaboration through the power of cognitive diversity.

Designed for adult learning and led by a certified facilitator, the program’s content is simple to understand, immediately applicable, engaging and entertaining. Participants take part in a series of activities designed to ensure retention and application in the workplace and will:

  • Explore the science and 7 attributes of the Profile.
  • Discover their personal thinking and behavioral preferences.
  • Find new ways to interact and collaborate with others.
  • Uncover a common language that unifies teams and company cultures.

4-Hour Half-Day Meeting of the Minds – $600*
8-Hour Full Day Meeting of the Minds- $1,000*

As many turn to remote work and collaboration with dispersed teams becomes the norm, it is even more essential that every team member receives the tools needed to strengthen communication, productivity and engagement. The Virtual Meeting of the Minds offers a blended learning experience that reveals individual and collective strengths, provides practical ways for employees to learn to work together and supports strong workplace cultures – with or without a traditional office space. This content is simple to understand, immediately applicable and engaging. Before their session, participants review a brief, dynamic eLearning course to gain a foundational
understanding of Emergenetics and access their personal Profile and Narrative Report. A live virtual training is led by a certified facilitator. (3-4 hours depending on the size of your group)


*No profiles included in these prices

 Call 571-765-7568 for details, or email charles@leadershipprincewilliam.org


Example: “Team Dynamics for Small Groups” for 4 people is $250 for the program and $400 ($100 x 4 digital profiles ) = $650