What Our Alumni Say

“No matter your background, if you are interested in your community and making it better while making yourself and your business more successful, then take the time to participate in Leadership Prince William. It will make a difference, you will make a difference. .” LPW Alumnus ‘11

 “I can’t imagine any leadership program having more of an impact on my life, both personally and professionally, than Leadership Prince William.“ LPW Alumnus ‘14

 “You’ll forge long-lasting friendships with your classmates and alumni – and you’ll learn about yourself along the way. You’ll be provided the opportunity to look critically at how you think and behave – and develop strategies that focus on your strengths to create stronger teams and to become a more effective, compassionate leader.” LPW Alumnus ‘13

 “The program allows greater appreciation and understanding of all facets of the community. The program demonstrates how to lead change one person at a time, one group at a time, one  community at a time.” LPW Alumnus ‘13

“My Leadership Prince William experience surprised me because, after 20 years in the Army, my community was introduced to me and I didn’t have to figure out how to introduce myself to my community.” – LPW Alumnus ‘12

“I believe that Leadership Prince William has provided valuable information about the many different aspects of our entire community as well the opportunity to participate in discussions in which leaders share differing perspectives and proposed solutions to our challenges.” – LPW Alumnus ‘08

“The opportunity to connect with the most talented people in our area is invaluable to me as a civic leader.” – LPW Alumnus ‘11

“Can I do this again?” – LPW Alumnus ’14