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2017 Judges’ Awards


1st – Jim Aram “Mom’s Vietnamese Egg Rolls”

2nd – Marty Nohe “Marty’s Famous Thing That Has a Lot of Bacon”

3rd – Ben Hazekamp  “Jalapeno Poppers”


Side Dish

1st – Chris Roccato “Chili Catchin’ Cornbread”

2nd – Mike Howard “German Potato Salad”

3rd – Darrell & Earnest Dixon “Potato Salad”



Main Dish

1st – Dave Merli “A Taste of the Holidays”

2nd – Mike Howard “German Curry Wurst”

3rd – Aaron Tolson “South African Rogan Josh Curry”



1st – Aaron Tolson “Chocolate Éclair Cake”

2nd – Gregory Evans “Salt of the Earth Fudge”

3rd – Jim Elliott “Apple of My Eye”


Soup or Chili

1st – Rob Sturm “Robbie’s TDF Gumbo”

2nd – Jason Parson “Spicy Pumpkin Chicken Corn Chowder”

3rd – Bradley Marshall “Smoked Chili”



1st – Conrad Holtslag “Piggy Pug’s Pork BBQ”

2nd – Bennett Whitlock “Bennett’s Bodacious Beef”

3rd – Harry Horning “The Steaks Have Been Raised”

2017 People’s Choice Award Winners

Appetizer – Marty Nohe

Side Dish – Chris Roccato

Main Dish – Mike Howard

Dessert – Aaron Tolson

Soup or Chili – Jason Parsons

Grill – Bennett Whitlock *Tie

Grill – Conrad Holtslag  *Tie

2017 Overall Fan Favorite “Best in Show”

Marty Nohe “Marty’s Famous Thing That Has a Lot of Bacon”


For those who did not make it last year–and those who did–here’s a video overview from  What’s Up Prince William: