Exclusively for Alumni Members & Annual Supporters of Leadership Prince William:

Check a book out of our NEW LPW Lending Library, started by a large donation  of books from Victoria Miller, Founder of the Trisomy 18 Foundation.

STEP 1: Select a book from the list below.

STEP 2: Contact our Executive Director (andrea@leadershipprincewilliam.org) to set up a time to swing by and borrow said book. Our office is open 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday -Friday.

STEP 3: Keep it for as long as you need it. We know leadership can get busy.

STEP 4: Return & Repeat

Want to keep a book forever? We ask that you let us know and then make a small donation to Leadership Prince William so that we can replenish the library with a new title. DONATE

Special thanks to Dr. Eric Reeves, Class of 2018, for organizing and creating an inventory out of the over 200 books received in the initial donation.   

“Boards That Make a Difference”

Author: Carver // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (24 Feb 2008)

“Firing Lousy Board Members: And Helping Others Succeed”

Author: Joyaux // Publisher: CharityChannel Press (31 Jan 2014)

“Getting the Best From Your Board: An Executive’s Guide to a Successful Partnership”

Author: Williams // Publisher: Boardsource (27 Mar 2009)

“Good Governance for Nonprofits”

Author: Laughlin, Andringa // Publisher: Amacom (15 Aug 2007)

Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards”

Author: Chait, Ryan, Taylor // Publisher: Wiley (22 Oct 2004)

“Guide to Nonprofit Corporate Governance in the Wake of Sarbanes-Oxley”

Author: ABA Coordinating Committee // Publisher: American Bar Association (8 Dec 2005)

“John Carver On Board Leadership”

Author: Carver // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (10 Dec 2007)

“The Source: Twelve Principles of Governance That Power Exceptional Boards”

Author: Boardsource // Publisher: Boardsource (1 Jan 2005) 

“Built to Last Collins”

Author: Porras //  Publisher: Collins Business (1 Sep 2002)

“Business Model Generation”

Author: Osterwalder, Pigneur // Publisher: Wiley (13 Jul 2010)

“Reality Check”

Author: Kawasaki // Publisher: Portfolio (30 Oct 2008)


Author: Fried, Hansson // Publisher: Currency (9 Mar 2010)

“Crucial Conversations”

Author: Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler // Publisher: McGraw Hill (9 Sep 2011)

ALSO AVAILABLE: “Crucial Conversations (Activation Guide)” 

“How To Talk So People Listen: Connecting in Today’s Workplace”

Author: Hamlin // Publisher: Harper Business (12 Dec 2006)

“The Thin Book of Naming Elephants”

Author: Hammond, Mayfield // Publisher: Thin Book Publishing (1 Jul 2004)

“Building Powerful Organizations”

Author: Brown // Publisher: Long Haul Press (15 Jan 2007)

“Organizing for Power and Empowerment”

Author: Monros, Wilson // Publisher: Columbia University Press (21 Apr 1994)

“A Force for Change”

Author: Kotter // Publisher: Free Press (1 Apr 1990)

“Leadership Insights: 15 Unique Perspectives on Effective Leadership

Author/Publisher: Harvard Business Review (1 Jan 2002)

“Leading at a Higher Level”

Author: Blanchard // Publisher: Pearson (8 Sep 2009)

“Hot Spots”

Author: Gratton // Publisher: Berrett-Koehler (11 Feb 2007)

“Reframing Organizations”

Author: Bolman, Deal // Publsiher: Jossey-Bass (5 Aug 2013)

“The Starfish and the Spider”

Author: Brafman, Beckstrom // Publisher: Portfolio (1 Jan 2006)

“Begging for Change”

Author: Egger // Publisher: Harper Business (17 Feb 2004)

“Exposing the Elephants”

Author: Wilcox // Publisher: Wiley (27 Jul 2007)

“Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits”

Author: Crutchfield, Grant, Dees // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (1 May 2012)

“If Not For Profit, For What?”

Author: Young // Publisher: Lexington Books (1 Jan 1983)

“Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity”

Author: Morino // Publisher: Venture Philanthropy Partners (1 Jan 2011)

“Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the Twenty-First Century”

Author: Wolf, Carter // Publisher: Fireside/Simon & Schuster (15 Jun 1999)

“ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability”

Author: Ralser // Publisher: Wiley (9 Nov 2007)

“The Charismatic Organization”

Author: Sagawa, Jospin, Tisch // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (20 Oct 2008)

“The Future of Nonprofits”

Author: Neff, Moss // Publisher: Wiley (21 Mar 2011)

“The Happy Healthy Nonprofit”

Author: Kanter, Sherman, Le // Publisher: Wiley (26 Sep 2016)

“The Nonprofit Buyer”

Author: Urban // Publisher: CreateSpace (17 May 2010)

“The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook, Part 1”

Author: La Piana // Publisher: Fieldstone Alliance (10 Sep 2008)

“The Nonprofit Narrative”

Author: Portnoy // Publisher: PMG Press (22 Feb 2012)


Author: Pallotta // Publisher: University Press of New England (13 Jul 2010)

“Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business”

Author: Lublin // Publisher: Portfolio (24 Jun 2010)

“Zone of Insolvency”

Author: Mattocks // Publisher: Wiley (11 Apr 2008)

“Generation We”

Author: Greenberg, Weber // Publisher: Pachatusan (3 Nov 2008)

How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas”

Author: Bornstein // Publisher: Oxford University Press (17 Sep 2007)

“Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age”

Author: Fine // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (29 Sep 2006)

“Mapping the New World of American Philanthropy”

Author: Raymond, Martin // Publisher: Wiley (13 Apr 2007)


Author: Bishop, Green, Clinton // Publisher: Bloomsbury Press (17 Nov 2009)

“The One-Hour Activist”

Author: Kush // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (10 Dec 2007)

“Online Marketing Inside Out”

Author: Eley, Tilley // Publisher: SitePoint (23 Jun 2009)

“Social Marketing: Behavior Change for Social Good”

Author:Lee, Kotler // Publisher: Sage (18 Feb 2019)

“Social Marketing in the 21st Century”

Author: Andreasen // Publisher: Sage (30 Nov 2005)

“The New Rules of Marketing & PR”

Author: Scott // Publisher: Wiley (21 Jul 2017)

“The Science of Marketing”

Author: Zarrella // Publisher: Wiley (22 Apr 2013)

“101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits”

Author: Mathos, Norman // Publisher: Wiley (7 Feb 2012)

“Open Community”

Author: Grant, Dreyer // Publisher: Omnipress (15 Nov 2010)

“Social Change Anytime Everywhere”

Author: Kapin, Sample, Ward // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (26 Feb 2013)

“Social Media for Social Good”

Author: Mansfield //  Publisher: McGraw Hill (7 Sep 2011)

“The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide”

Author: Weintraub, Litwinka // Publisher: Sybex (4 Jan 2013)

“The Dragonfly Effect”

Author: Aaker, Smith // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (28 Sep 2010)

“Twitter for Good”

Author: Diaz-Ortiz, Stone // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (30 Aug 2011)

“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking”

Author: Gladwell // Publisher: Little-Brown (1 Jan 2005)

“Made to Stick”

Author: Heath, Heath // Publisher: Random House (2 Jan 2007)


Author: Heath, Heath // Publisher: Crown Business (16 Feb 2010)

“The Wisdom of Crowds”

Author: Surowieki // Publisher: Anchor Books (16 Aug 2005)

“Cause for Change”

Author: Feldmann // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (4 Mar 2013)


Author: Gratton // Publisher: ReadHowYouWant (28 Dec 2012)

“Grown Up Digital”

Author: Tapscott // Publisher: McGraw Hill (24 Oct 2008)

“Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?”

Author: Godin // Publisher: Portfolio (26 Apr 2011)


Author: Pang, Huffington // Publisher: Basic Books (12 Jun 2018) 

ALSO Available: “Rest (Activation Guide)” 


“Thinking for a Living”

Author: Davenport // Publisher: HBR Press (1 Jan 1994)

“Foundation Fundamentals: Fundraising Guides” Author: Collins // Publisher: Foundation Center (1 Mar 2008)

“Grant Writing Handbook”

Author: Wason // Publisher: Websters New World (1 Jan 2004)

“Investing in Capacity Building: A Guide to High-Impact Approaches”

Author: Blumenthal // Publisher: Foundation Center (1 Nov 2003)

“Storytelling for Grantseekers”

Author: Clarke // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (15 Nov 2001)

“The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing”

Author: Geever // Publisher: Foundation Center (1 Jan 2007)

“The Foundation Center’s Guide to Winning Proposals” 

Author: Collins // Publisher: Foundation Center (1 Sep 2003)

“The Foundation Center’s Guide to Winning Proposals II”

Author: Geever // Publisher: Foundation Center (1 Sep 2005)

“Writing for a Good Cause”

Author: Barbato, Furlich // Publisher: Touchstone (15 Jan 2000)

“Winning Grants Step by Step (Third Edition)

Author: Carlson, O’Neal // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (1 Jan 2006)

“Winning Grants Step by Step (Fourth Edition)

Author: O’Neal -McElrath // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (1 Aug 2013)

“Do More Than Give”

Author: Crutchfield, Kania, Kramer // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (22 Mar 2011)

“Giving 2.0”

Author: Arrillaga-Andressen // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (25 Oct 2011)

“Keep Your Donors”

Author: Ahern, Joyaux // Publisher: Wiley (27 Nov 2007)

“Major Donors: Finding Big Gifts in Your Database and Online”

Author: Hart, Greenfield, Gignac, Carnie // Publisher: Wiley (21 Apr 2006)

“Mega Gifts”

Author: Panas // Publisher: Emerson & Church (30 May 2005)

“Nonprofit Essentials: Major Gifts”

Author: Walker // Publisher: Wiley (1 Jan 2006)

“Retention Fundraising”

Author: Craver // Publisher: Emerson & Church (1 Sep 2014)

“Seeing Through a Donor’s Eyes”

Author: Ahern // Publisher: Emerson & Church (9 Feb 2009)

“The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand”

Author: Brooks // Publisher: Wiley (17 Mar 2014)

“The Seven Faces of Philanthropy”

Author: Prince, File // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (30 Nov 2001)

“An Executive’s Guide to Fundraising Operations”

Author: Cannon // Publisher: Wiley (29 Mar 2011)

“Boards that Love Fundraising”

Author: Zimmerman, Lehman // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (17 Feb 2004)

“Developing Your Case for Support”

Author: Seiler // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (16 Aug 2001)

“Digital Giving: How Technology is Changing Charity”

Author: McPherson // Publisher: iUniverse (19 Jul 2007)

“Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits”

Author: Bray // Publisher: Nolo (1 Jan 2008)

“Fundraising for Social Change”

Author: Klein // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (24 May 2011)

“How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters”

Author: Warwick // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (20 Feb 2001)

“Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits”

Author: Mansfield // Publisher: McGraw Hill (17 Mar 2014)

“Raising More Money With Newsletters Than You Ever Thought Possible”

Author: Ahern // Publisher: Emerson & Church (30 Sep 2005)

“Raising More Money: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Lifelong Donors”

Author: Axelrod // Publisher: Raising More Money Publications (1 Jul 2001)

“Raising More Money: The Ask Event Handbook” Author: Axelrod Publisher: Raising More Money Publications (1 Sep 2004)

“Raising More Money: The Point of Entry Handbook” Author: Axelrod // Publisher: Raising More Money Publications (1 Mar 2005)

ALSO AVAILABLE: “Raising More Money: Re-Igniting Your Board (DVD)”

“Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times”

Author: Klein // Author: Jossey-Bass (15 Sep 2009)

“Special Events: Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising”

Author: Wendroff // Publisher: Wiley (2 May 2008)

“The Ask: How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount for Any Purpose”

Author: Fredricks // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (26 Jan 2010)

“The Business of Special Events: Fundraising Strategies for Changing Times”

Author: Freedman, Feldman // Publisher: Pineapple Press (1 Feb 1998)

“The Joy of Fundraising”

Author: Axelrod // Publisher: Benevon Publications (1 Sep 2006)

“The Mercifully Brief Real World Guide to…Raising $1000 Gifts by Mail”

Author: Warwick // Publisher: Emerson & Church (30 Apr 2005)

“The Zen of Fundraising”

Author: Burnett // Publisher: Jossey-Bass (13 Aug 2007)

“A Project Manager’s Book of Forms”

Author: Stackpole // Publisher: Wiley (4 Feb 2013)

“Project Management Demystified”

Author: Kemp // Publisher: McGraw-Hill (15 Apr 2004)